Amazon Pre-Orders

Robert Crawford will maintain this Blu-ray Preorder Release Schedule so the HTF membership can see what titles are available for preorder in the coming months. If you have any release updates, notify Robert Crawford, and he’ll update this Schedule as soon as possible. Thank you.

Blu-ray Titles Preorder Release Schedule:



America the Beautiful: National Parks Collection (Mill Creek)

Benji: Off the Leash (Mill Creek)

Blood and Black Lace (VCI)

Blue (Indie)

Celebrating Mickey (Disney)

Community (Complete Series) (Mill Creek)

Creepshow (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Cross of Iron (Henstooth Video)

Deadbeat at Dawn (Arrow)

The Devil’s Doorway (Shout! Factory)

Distant Voices, Still Lives (Arrow)

Eliot Ness: An Untouchable Life (VCI)

Evil Dead (Unrated) (Sony)

Get Shorty (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Gun Shy (Kino)

Heroes Reborn: Event Series (Universal)

High Heels and Low Lifes (Kino)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Ultimate Edition) (Warner)

I am Vengeance (Lionsgate)

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (Kino)

I Think We’re Alone Now (Sony)

Lady Ice (Scorpion)

Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again (Sing-Along Edition) (Universal)

Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again (Sing-Along Edition) (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Mamma Mia! (2-Movie Collection) (Universal)

Maximum Overdrive (Lionsgate)

Night of the Demons (Limited Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Night of the Living Dead (1990) (Sony)

Patient Zero (Sony)

Post-Apocalyptic Collection (Blue Underground)

Prehysteria (Full Moon)

Rescue Me (Complete Series) (Mill Creek)

Scorpion King: Book of Souls (Universal)

Scorpion King: 5-Movie Collection (Universal)

Sisters (Criterion)

Sorry to Bother You (Fox)

Spontaneous Combustion (Sunset Films)

The Sun at Midnight (Monterey Media)

The Trade (Indie)

Twilight (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

You Never Know Women (Kino)



12 Monkeys (Collector’s Edition) (Arrow)

The 100 (Fifth season) (Warner Archive)

2001: A Space Odyssey (Re-Mastered) (Warner)

2001: A Space Odyssey (4K/UHD) (Warner)

An Actor Prepares (Gravitas Ventures)

Batman: The Complete Animated Series (Warner)

Believer (Well Go USA)

Blood Harvest (Vinegar Syndrome)

The Blue Planet Collection (BBC)

Brewster McCloud (Warner Archive)

Can’t Hardly Wait (Mill Creek)

Charmed (First Season) (Paramount)

Custody (Kino)

The Darkest Minds (Fox)

The Darkest Minds (4K/UHD) (Fox)

Death of a Nation (Universal)

Def by Temptation (Vinegar Syndrome)

D.O.A. (1988) (Kino)

Dragnet (1987) (Shout! Factory)

The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre (Kino)

Hallelujah the Hills (Kino)

The Incubus (Vinegar Syndrome)

The Killing Kind (Vinegar Syndrome)

Les Parents Terribles (Cohen Media)

MacGyver: Season One (Paramount)

Mandy (Image)

The Matrix: Reloaded (4K/UHD) (Warner)

The Matrix: Revolutions (4K/UHD) (Warner)

The Matrix Trilogy (4K/UHD) (Warner)

Old Ironsides (Kino)

Our House (Shout! Factory)

Out of Time (MVD)

Planet Earth II/Blue Planet II (4K/UHD) (BBC)

The Princess Bride (Criterion)

Slender Man (Sony)

The Spy Who Dumped Me (Lionsgate)

The Spy Who Dumped Me (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Teen Titans Go! To Movies (Warner)

Torso (Arrow)

Valley Girl (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

The Wasp Woman (Shout! Factory)



The 7th Day (Olive)

Air Force One (4K/UHD) (Sony)

Alone We Fight (Sony)

American Dresser (Cinedigm)

Art School Confidential (MVD)

Bel Canto (Screen Media)

Beyond the Sky (Image)

Big Trouble (Kino)

Blackkklansman (Universal)

Blackkklansman (4K/UHD) (Universal)

The Cakemaker (Strand)

Christopher Robin (Disney)

Claire’s Camera (Cinema Guild)

Deadpool 2 (Theatrical Cut) (Fox)

Dick (Sony)

Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti (Cohen Media)

Grindhouse (Steelbook) (TWC)

The Glass House (Scorpion)

Incredibles 2 (Disney)

Incredibles 2 (4K/UHD) (Disney)

The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time (Asylum)

Law Abiding Citizen (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Lisbon (Kino)

Loving Pablo (Universal)

A Man Alone (Kino)

Mara (Lionsgate)

Masterpiece: Poldark (Season 4) (PBS)

Midaq Alley (Film Movement)

Mr. Capra Goes to War: Frank Capra’s World War II (Olive)

Papillon (2018) (Universal)

Phantasm (Remastered Steelbook) (Well Go USA)

Revenge of the Dead (Kino)

Sharknado: 1-6 Complete Collection (Asylum)

Sherlock (Season 1) (4K/UHD) (BBC)

The Shield (Complete Series) (Mill Creek)

Sleepwalkers (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

The Sound of Music Live (60th Anniversary) (Shout! Factory)

A Story from Chikamatsu (Criterion)

Succession (Season 1) (HBO)

Superman: The Movie (4K/UHD) (Warner)

Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (Warner Archive)

The Thing (1982) (Limited Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Train to Busan (Well Go USA)

Transformers: The Ultimate 5-Film Collection (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Windtalkers (Ultimate Edition) (MVD)

Wreck-It Ralph (4K/UHD) (Disney)



The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Milestone)

Alpha (2018) (Sony)

The Blood Island Collection (Severin)

The Blue Dahlia (Shout! Factory)

Bogart and Bacall (4-Film Collection) (Warner Archive)

The Boy Downstairs (Filmrise)

Brides of Blood (Severin)

Bright Lights, Big City (MVD)

The Chamber (Kino)

A Christmas Story Live! (2017) (TBD)

The Crown (Season 2) (Sony)

Dances with Wolves (Limited Edition) (Shout! Factory)

De Palma and De Niro: The Early Films (Arrow)

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings (Well Go USA)

Fanchon the Cricket (Flicker Alley)

The Fifth Floor (Red Code)

First Blood (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Future Vedettes/School for Love (Cinetrove)

Gas Food Lodging (Arrow)

The Gingerbread Man (Kino)

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Anniversary Edition) (BBC)

The Ice Harvest (Kino)

The Interpreter (Kino)

The Jerk (40th Anniversary) (Shout! Factory)

Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape (Screen Media)

Juliet, Naked (Lionsgate)

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (Commemorative Edition) (Warner)

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (Commemorative Edition) (4K/UHD) (Warner)

The Last Movie (TBD)

Little Annie Rooney (Flicker Alley)

Mad Doctor of Blood Island (Severin)

Made for Each Other (Kino)

Maniac (Limited Edition) (Blue Underground)

MDMA (Shout! Factory)

The MEG (Warner)

The MEG (3-D) (Warner)

The MEG (4K/UHD) (Warner)

Mile 22 (Universal)

Naked Vengeance/Vendetta (Shout! Factory)

Nothing Sacred (Kino)

Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3 (Disney)

Preacher (Season 3) (Sony)

Rambo: First Blood Part II (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Rambo III (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

The Satanic Rites of Dracula (Warner Archive)

School Daze (30th Anniversary) (Sony)

Single White Female (Shout! Factory)

Some Like It Hot (Criterion)

Star Trek: Discovery (Season One) (Paramount)

Terror is a Man (Severin)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

The Third Murder (Film Movement)

Topper Returns (VCI)

The Wizard of Gore (Arrow)



Anthony and Cleopatra (Twilight Time)

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (LE) (Shout! Factory)

Blindspotting (2018) (Lionsgate)

Candyman (Limited Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Clouzot: The Early Works (Kino)

Crazy Rich Asians (Warner)

Dark of the Sun (Warner Archive)

The Domestics (Cinedigm)

Django (Steelbook) (Arrow)

Django + Texas Adios (Arrow)

Freejack (Sony)

The Glenn Miller Story (Shout! Factory)

Holy Motors (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema (Criterion)

Kevin Smith: Silent but Deadly (Screen Media)

Kin (2018) (Lionsgate)

Kin (2018) (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

The Last Seduction (Scorpion)

The Last Supper (Sony)

Little Italy (Lionsgate)

The Magnificent Ambersons (Criterion)

Mamie Van Doren Film Noir Collection (Kino)

Maniac (Sony)

Oklahoma Crude (Twilight Time)

Orgies of Edo (Arrow)

The Outer Limits (Season 2) (Kino)

Outrage Coda (Film Movement)

Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers (Kino)

Robin and Marian (Sony)

Streets of Fire (35th Anniversary) (Shout! Factory)

The Thing From Another World (Warner Archive)

TKO Collection: 3 Films by Takeshi Kitano (Film Movement)

True Stories (Criterion)

The True Story of Jesse James (Twilight Time)

Urban Legend (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Urban Legend: The Final Cut (Shout! Factory)

Young Guns II (Sony)



Almost Human (Kino)

At First Light (Gravitas Ventures)

The Captain (Music Box)

Crimson Peak (Limited Edition) (Arrow)

The Critters Collection (Shout! Factory)

Deep Throat (1972) (Video Music)

Gosford Park (Arrow)

The Grissom Gang (Kino)

Jack Irish (Season 2) (Acorn)

The Killing of Sister George (Kino)

The Little Stranger (Universal)

Mame (Warner Archive)

Memories of Me (MVD)

Munchies/Munchie (Shout! Factory)

Philadelphia (4K/UHD) (25th Anniversary) (Sony)

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Acorn)

Searching (Sony)

Sharp Objects (HBO)

Topper Takes a Trip (VCI)

Zombie Cover A “Bridge” (Limited Edition) (Blue Underground)

Zombie Cover B “Splinter” (Limited Edition) (Blue Underground)

Zombie Cover C “Worms” (Limited Edition) (Blue Underground)



Atomic Café (Kino)

Attraction (MPI)

A.X.L. (Global Road)

The Black Windmill (Kino)

Bloody Birthday (Arrow)

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer (Screen Media)

Elizabeth Harvest (Shout! Factory)

God Bless the Open Road (Lionsgate)

The Happytime Murders (Universal)

Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness (Shout! Factory)

In Harm’s Way (2017) (Shout! Factory)

McQueen (Lionsgate)

Mission: Impossible Fallout (Paramount)

Mission: Impossible Fallout (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Mission: Impossible (6-Movie Collection) (Paramount)

Mission: Impossible (6-Movie Collection) (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (Kino)

Operation Finale (Universal)

The Puppet Masters (1984) (Kino)

Race for the Yankee Zephyr (Kino)

The Revolt of the Slaves (Kino)

Ride (Image)

The Serpent’s Egg (Arrow)

Westworld (Season 2) (The Door) (HBO)

Westworld (Season 2) (The Door) (4K/UHD) (HBO)

Yellowstone (Season One) (Paramount)



A Beautiful Planet (4K/UHD) (Mill Creek)

Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (Well Go USA)

A Dry White Season (Criterion)

Await Further Instructions (MPI)

El Paso (Kino)

The Equalizer 2 (Sony)

The Equalizer 2 (4K/UHD) (Sony)

Evil Dead 2 (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Female on the Beach (Kino)

Forty Guns (Criterion)

Foxfire (Kino)

Galveston (Image)

Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon (FilmRise)

Hang ‘Em High (50th Anniversary) (Shout! Factory)

I Still See You (Lionsgate)

Journey to the South Pacific (4K/UHD) (Mill Creek)

The Last Command (Kino)

The Last Kingdom (Season 3) (Universal)

The Mangler (Shout! Factory)

The Miracle Worker (1979) (VCI)

My Neighbor Totoro (30th Anniversary Edition) (TBD)

Nemesis (MVD)

Not Without My Daughter (MVD)

Peppermint (Universal)

Pet Shop (Full Moon)

Raven (MVD)

River Runs Red (4K/UHD) (Cinedigm)

Runnin’ From My Roots (Echo Bridge)

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (Shout! Factory)

Sleepover (MVD)

Somm 3 (Goldwyn)

Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery (VCI)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Unbroken: Path to Redemption (Universal)

Unbroken (2-Movie Collection) (Universal)

Waterworld (Limited Edition) (Arrow)

Wild Women (Kino)



Anne of the Thousand Days (Twilight Time)

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

A Man Called Peter (Twilight Time)

Monster Party (Image)

Murder by Death (Shout! Factory)

Panique (Criterion)

Satan Never Sleeps (Twilight Time)

Sawdust and Tinsel (Criterion)

Schindler’s List (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Starman (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

The Super (2017) (Lionsgate)

X, Y and Zee (aka Zee and Company) (Twilight Time)



The Appaloosa (Kino)

The Bounty (Kino)

The Scarlet Letter (1995) (Kino)

Silent Scream (Scorpion)

Tell Them Willie Boy is Here (Kino)



8MM (Shout! Factory)

24 Frames (Criterion)

Blind Date (Scorpion)

Castle Rock (First Season) (Warner)

Castle Rock (First Season) (4K/UHD) (Warner)

The Great Battle (Well Go USA)

The House That Would Not Die (Kino)

Spiral (Sony)

Street Law (Kino)

What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (Kino)

When Harry Met Sally (30th Anniversary) (Shout! Factory)



Cliffhanger (25th Anniversary) (4K/UHD) (Sony)

The Glass Key (1942) (Shout! Factory)

Howling III (Shout! Factory)

Jonathan (Well Go USA)

Notorious (Criterion)

Obsession (Shout! Factory)

Pink Panther Cartoons (Volume 4) (Kino)

The Plague Dogs (Shout! Factory)

The Plague of the Zombies (Shout! Factory)

Saturday the 14th (Shout! Factory)



4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Criterion)

Cobra (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Mikey and Nicky (Criterion)

Screamers (Shout! Factory)



10 to Midnight (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Deadly Force (Shout! Factory)

In the Heat of the Night (Criterion)

Sara T.: Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic (Shout! Factory)

Suburbia (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)



Black Hawk Down (4K/UHD) (Sony)