The Last Movie – Blu-ray Review

Riding high following the huge success of Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper was granted a million dollars from Universal Pictures to make his next movie; he ended up taking it and went to Peru along with several of his friends and crew members to push cinematic boundaries to their limits. The […]

Noir Archive Volume 1: 1944-1954 9 Movie Collection

I’m curious about this collection. I wonder what the quality would be. Some of these titles are pretty good. Escape in the Fog is a fun B-Noir. I also wonder about a volume 2.

RAVE Reviews releases ranking of 50 best Christmas movies

RAVE Reviews, the site that publishes rankings based on advanced data-driven analysis, has published its ranking of the “50 Best Christmas Movies,” available at There’ll be plenty of controversy here, so feel free to make comments below or add to the list. RAVE Reviews says: “Watching classic Christmas movies […]

Big Trouble Blu-ray Review

Barry Sonnenfeld’s Big Trouble is an underappreciated comedy gem that does for Miami what Sonnenfeld’s Get Shorty does for Hollywood. Tim Allen leads a tremendous ensemble cast that keeps the plot moving and the jokes flying.

The Night Stalker Blu Ray Review

The Night Stalker comes to Blu Ray from Kino from a 4K scan that makes this ever popular tv movie look better now than it did when first broadcast in 1972.  It’s hard to imagine that it was first shown on ABC over 45 years ago!  It was the only […]

HTF Podcast Episode 2: Defining Home Theater

In this episode of The Home Theater Forum Podcast hosts Brian Dobbs and Sam Posten dig into just what defines a modern home theater. They talk about the history of home theater from the 1950s onward, then narrow down the definition to a specific space designed for the critical appreciation […]

2019 TV DVD Predictions?

O.K. There’s a month left in 2018, so perhaps it’s time to make out predictions on what’s coming out next year. We’ve had a hard blow this year with the closing of, but there will still be some stuff coming out. Here are my guesses. Just so you know, I […]